Zambia Mission – New York

Applying for a Zambian Passport in the UK

Passport Application

Important: Applicants are required to appear in person when lodging the application.

Application forms can be obtained from the Mission or by written request by enclosing a prepaid self-addressed envelope (A4 or A5), stating the age of the applicant.Zambian Passports applied for through the Mission are issued in Lusaka, Zambia. Therefore, all questions must be correctly answered. The minimum processing time for new passports is Ninety (90) days.All photocopies must be authenticated as true copies of the original documents by the Commissioner of Oath at the Mission who also signs as recommender on behalf of Zambians living in the United Kingdom.Passport size photos should be taken on a white background( no braids, veil, hair extensions, hair bands, earrings or necklaces)


Please note: A person who acquired another citizenship before 5th January 2016 is not entitled to apply for a Zambian Passport. However, they should apply for the Bestowal of Citizenship.